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Easily Achievable Fall Curb Appeal Ideas

Everyone loves a styled Fall porch. Adding autumn decor items can heighten your homes appearance when done in good taste. We are going to dive a little deeper than pumpkins and hay bales because even though those are great items to add in, styling your front porch with elevated ideas can even assist in the sale of your home!

Walking up to a well manicured, styled, and designed residence is the perfect way to set the mood for yourself as you enter your own home or to potential buyers who are looking to imagine themselves there.

3 Easily Achievable Fall Curl Appeal Ideas

1) Use inexpensive solar lights to line the walkway - this not only sets an ambiance but is useful since the sun seems to be setting earlier and earlier.

2) Add planters full of mums - mums are a sturdy flower that are a lovely addition to your front porch. Place them next to your door and enjoy their colors into late October.

3) Dust or power wash away the cobwebs - although Halloween is approaching, lets keep the cobwebs to the decorations!

Other ways to elevate your curb appeal for the Fall season is to hang a beautiful wreath, stay on top of leaf clean-up and don't put away that outdoor furniture just yet!

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