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Hopping Off The Fence: Why Listing Your Home This Fall Is A Win!

With a backdrop of changing colours on trees and mountains along the skyline creating Instagram-worthy views, fall in Kelowna is in the most modest of terms, picturesque. While it is arguably the most beautiful season we see here, it always seems to be over as quickly as it begins. Before you blink and find snow on your lawn, it might be time to pull off the pin you put on listing your home.

Second to spring, and in the most typical of market conditions, fall is a great season to list your home or property for sale in Kelowna. However, Real Estate is anything but typical right now, and luckily this works in favour of our sellers! Home prices in the Okanagan Valley are surging and buyers are actively looking for the perfect home to purchase before winter sets in. For sellers, this unique condition backed by the beautiful fall season leaves an advantageous opportunity for those looking to list. If you’re still on the fence when it comes to hammering down the “For Sale” sign, here are a few reasons why listing your home this fall is a win!

Fall Listings Show Better

It is no secret that the natural beauty of fall works wonders on your home’s curb appeal. The air feels crisp and yet there is still an overwhelming amount of warmth that can be appreciated. Fall brings with it an array of emotions varying from excitement for new beginnings to being thankful for our blessings, and all of this works to your advantage when selling your home. Listing your home in the fall gives you the perfect canvas to paint your house as the comfortable, welcoming home that a buyer is in search of, and potentially get more money for your property.

Less Competition

As many label spring as the traditional season for Real Estate, those pre-summer months are generally flooded with listings for buyers to choose from. By the time fall rolls around, many homes have already been sold, or sellers have taken their homes off of the market for other reasons. Selling in the fall gives you the upper hand, as inventory is typically lower and buyers are more competitive and driven to find the home they want before old man winter sets in.

Welcome Serious Buyers

Selling your home in the spring and summer months can often attract a lot of buyers who are still on the fence, people doing market research, or open house traffic filled with nosey neighbours who want to sneak a peek inside your home. Once the temperatures cool down and fall makes its grand entrance, less serious buyers tend to fall off by the wayside, making room for those who are ready to get down to business.

Speedy Transactions

With less Real Estate traffic in the fall, there is more capacity to process your transaction as quickly and efficiently as possible. Lenders will have fewer loans to process, attorneys have fewer closings, and inspectors or appraisers have more empty space in their agenda, making more time to work personally with you. As a result, homes sold in the fall season can close quickly, typically in time to unpack and host a big holiday dinner or housewarming party at the year’s end!

At the end of the day, there are many reasons to put your home up for sale in the fall. Take advantage of the seller’s market and reach out to us today! With the limited inventory headlining Kelowna’s market conditions, your home is likely to sell quickly, and for more money. Our team of motivated and knowledgeable agents and support staff are here to guide you through this process and make your experience buying and selling Real Estate one to remember.

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